Our Purpose.

To accelerate digital inclusion, expand opportunities for
wealth creation and transform communities.

Our mission.

We create opportunities for individuals, small businesses and communities to thrive. We do that by creating groundbreaking innovations to empower small businesses for a digital future and collaborating with partners to address and respond to their unique challenges and opportunities.

Our Story.
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In 2018, a chance meeting brought our founding team together. An immediate connection was established through shared values, common goals, and a dream to empower people economically.

That dream is rooted in the understanding that Africa presents a sea of economic opportunities in virtually every sector. The continent’s youthful population need only be equipped with the right tools in order to unlock enormous potential in a digital era.

Technological innovation stimulates job creation and helps to raise people out of poverty, reduce inequality and facilitate entrepreneurship. A healthy digital ecosystem is fundamental to inclusive and sustainable growth.

This is what inspired our co-founders to build a technology-oriented company that could deliver both profit and positive social impact.

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Who we serve.
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Littlefish serves millions of consumers and everyday entrepreneurs. Consumers are offered quality goods and services that ease their daily lives, while small business owners get access to the tools which allow them to operate efficiently, as well as better earning opportunities because of our large consumer base.

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We are a trusted marketplace for a range of goods and services providing consumers with choice, speed and value.

Business owners.

Our wide reach, efficiencies and innovations enable small business owners to grow their business, no matter their size.

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Our commitment.

We believe that a technology company in Africa can both run profitably and create sustainable social impact. We create equal opportunities through the use of technology and innovation.

The principles that guide us.


We work together as LittleFish to serve our communities.


We seek to understand ground truths that drive improvements, big and small.


We keep our word and steward
our resources wisely to build and sustain trust.


We are a constant work-in-progress, and we never stop learning and improving.

Join our mission.

We are here to create opportunities for people and everyday entrepreneurs to thrive. If this mission speaks to you, join our team today.