A better way to buy.

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A better way to buy

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Our supporters.

Love local.

LittleFish is shopping made simple, secure and local. Connect to your community while enjoying your favourite locally produced goods. You get the best deals and make a difference, while the hardworking little fish gets an opportunity to succeed.

Shop effortlessly.

Connect instantly to businesses around you, shop, browse and buy with a few swipes on your one-stop neighbourhood shopping platform.

Get rewarded.

Support local stores and earn rewards and discounts at the same time. The more you shop locally, the better your rewards. Loyalty pays!

Follow your faves.

Follow your favourite local stores and get instant and up-to-date news about sales and specials. Share reviews and help us separate the good from the great!


Don’t feel like a fish out of water! Connect to those around you. Having a sense of community unites us, and helps everyone to succeed while feeling safe and secure.


Thrive together.

Look, we get it. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, and you have options. But only with LittleFish can you support small local businesses while you save money and save time. Now more than ever, small businesses matter. Let us help you help local.

Get with promotions and bargains on everyday essentials that will help you save money.
Sign up in seconds and dip your toes into your local pond today. When your local community thrives, everybody wins.
Shop online anytime from the comfort of your home. LittleFish is the ultimate in hyper-local convenience, giving you everything you need in one place.
Multiple payment options to provide the most convenient experience. With LittleFish, you get secure and seamless cashless payment online and in-store. Pay your way.

Tried, tested, trusted.

Trust is vital to being a good neighbour, and growing together. Doing the right thing is not only easy, it’s safe. Using only the most secure payment methods means that your money is always totally protected.

Payment options you can trust. LittleFish uses watertight security features to make sure your money is completely safe.
For your peace of mind, we hold the funds paid for goods until they are received in good order, removing risk and building trust.
The best value and products, guaranteed. Our quality standards mean you can be sure that what you see (and buy) is what you get.
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